By 2050, Africa is expected to host nearly a quarter of the urban global population, therefore increasing the requirement for investment in significant transport infrastructure. Therefore, we aim to be leaders in the rail industry through our investment portfolio and make a difference

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Transforming the lives of South Africans by liberating each member of the family to grow to their full, self-sustaining potential.

The Mathupha Foundation’s goal is to build a truly liberated and successful South Africa by providing and supporting every member of the family to be functional and independent.

The Mathupha Foundation was established in 2019 as the corporate social investment arm of the group and its subsidiaries.

The foundation is firmly founded upon the need to support and liberate girl children and boy children; build entrepreneurs and develop South African citizens in the rural areas.

Functional families are the key to a truly free and successful country. We’re not heroes for lending a helping hand, it’s what we are supposed to do.

Mathupha Foundation Girl Child support

01 Girl Child

Liberating the girl child in every way by supporting her to grow to her full potential

Mathupha Foundation Boy Child support

02 Boy Child

Liberating the boy child in every way by supporting him to grow to his full potential.

Mathupha Foundation Entrepreneurship

03 Entrepreneurship

Building and supporting entrepreneurs so that they can provide solutions to South Africa and its people with the ultimate goal of growing the economy.

Mathupha Foundation Rural Development

04 Rural Development

Families are the cornerstone to our liberation so developing South African’s in rural communities and developing their skills is critical in driving the economy forward.


Where Mathupha Foundation fits into the bigger picture:

Corporate social investment arm of the group focussing on children, entrepreneurs and rural development.