By 2050, Africa is expected to host nearly a quarter of the urban global population, therefore increasing the requirement for investment in significant transport infrastructure. Therefore, we aim to be leaders in the rail industry through our investment portfolio and make a difference

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Building a positive and lasting legacy of which our stakeholders, their families and future generations will be proud.

Since its formation in the early 1960’s, Lennings Rail has developed a reputation of providing quality products and services that consistently meet our client’s highest expectations. Lennings Rail is the pre-eminent track work contractor in Southern Africa, and is focused on the development, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of regional track work systems. Highly experienced and competent engineers, project managers and skilled personnel ensure that projects, no matter how large and complex, are delivered to specification within the agreed time frames. The company owns and operates an extensive fleet of track maintenance equipment geared to undertake all aspects of track construction, rehabilitation and maintenance. In general, the machines are locally built in our workshops, east of Johannesburg, under license to leading international technology suppliers.

Our core values of safety, accountability and honesty are entrenched in the way we do business. We work as a team, and pride ourselves in continuously learning from our experiences, thus being able to offer innovative solutions to our clients.

Lennings Rail Machinery

01 Machinery

We have a comprehensive range of modern technology, on-track maintenance machines manufactured in South Africa

Lennings Rail Global Agreements

02 Global Agreements

We have licence agreements from European and American world-market leaders in track maintenance technology, products and equipment

Lennings Rail Railway Construction

03 Railway Construction

In depth track construction experience and capabilities

Lennings Rail Multiple Sector Knowledge

04 Multiple Sector Knowledge

Track maintenance knowledge and experience in both private and government sectors

Lennings Rail Global Partnerships

05 Global Partnerships

Associations with world-leading partners in the track construction and maintenance industry

Lennings Rail Human Capital

06 Human Capital

In-house resources and experience with regard to equipment design, manufacture and support.


Where Lennings Rail fits into the bigger picture:

Mechanised railway development, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of regional track work systems.